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Free flight display.

a unique experience

The skilfulness of eagles, acrobatics of black kites, dizzying speeds of falcons, silent flight of owls, closeness to vultures or ingenuity of Egyptian vultures: our residents have many a surprise in store!

You will discover birds from all over the world that you could not approach in the wild and see them do what they would in the wild.

Demonstrations are made with a view to reproducing the natural behaviour of the birds. They are not aimed at making them do tricks or using them as props in a costume production. All the residents of the Volerie are birds born in captivity: no birds of prey are taken from the wild. 

Interactive, participative, educational and enjoyable:
a dance in the air that will delight all audiences!

* A printed version of the commentary is available in English, German, Dutch and in French for the hearing impaired


Private events.

Did you enjoy the flying display?

Experience it again during a private event! 


Exceptional days.

You like working with birds and want to discover the job of a handler at the Volerie?

Fly our birds of prey yourself thanks to the exceptional days!

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